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Notable new recommendations in the 2018 edition of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes (Standards of Care)

Notable new recommendations in the 2018 edition of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes (Standards of Care) include advances in cardiovascular disease risk management including hypertension; an updated care algorithm that is patient-focused; the integration of new technology into diabetes management; and routine screening for type 2 diabetes in high-risk […]

Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2018 Abridged for Primary Care Providers

The American Diabetes Associ- ation’s (ADA’s) Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes are published each year in a supplement to the January issue of Diabetes Care. The ADA’s Professional Practice Committee develops the Standards and updates them annually, or more frequently online should it determine that new evidence or regulatory chang- es (e.g., drug approvals, […]

La influencia del estilo de vida en los telómeros y la longevidad

Los telómeros son regiones de secuencias repetidas de nucleótidos que se encuentran en ambos extremos de cada cromosoma. Estas estructuras protegen el genoma de la degradación nucleotídica, la recombinación innecesaria y la fusión intercromosomal. Los telómeros, por tanto, juegan un papel muy importante en la preservación de la información en nuestro genoma.

Clinical practice guidelines for the care of girls and women with Turner syndrome: proceedings from the 2016 Cincinnati International Turner Syndrome Meeting

Turner syndrome affects 25–50 per 100,000 females and can involve multiple organs through all stages of life, necessitating multidisciplinary approach to care. Previous guidelines have highlighted this, but numerous important advances have been noted recently.  

Long-Term Use of Long-Acting Insulin Analogs and Breast Cancer Incidence in Women With Type 2 Diabetes

The association between long-acting insulin analogs and increased breast cancer risk is uncertain, particularly with the short follow-up in previous studies. We assessed this risk long term in women with type 2 diabetes    

Los edulcorantes no calóricos alteran la respuesta intestinal a la glucosa

LISBOA, PRT. El consumo habitual de edulcorantes no calóricos, como los que comúnmente se encuentran en las bebidas dietéticas, altera la respuesta del intestino a la glucosa, afectando la absorción, la respuesta glucémica y la respuesta del péptido similar al glucagón 1 (GLP-1), indican los resultados de un pequeño estudio, que es el primero realizado […]

Recomendaciones AAP y piercings

Tattoos, piercing, and scari cation are now commonplace among adolescents and young adults. This rst clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics on voluntary body modi cation will review the methods used to perform the modi cations. Complications resulting from body modi cation methods, although not common, are discussed to provide the pediatrician with […]

Association of Glycemic Variability in Type 1 Diabetes With Progression of Microvascular Outcomes in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) demonstrated the beneficial effects of intensive versus conventional therapy on the development and progres- sion of microvascular complications of type 1 diabetes. These beneficial effects were almost completely explained by the difference between groups in the levels of HbA1c, which in turn were associated with the risk of […]

The Ethics of Fertility Preservation for Pediatric Patients With Differences (Disorders) of Sex Development

Differences (disorders) of sex development are diverse conditions with variations in chromosomal, gonadal, and/or genital development. Fertility potential in this population is variable. Recent investigations into fertility potential in those previously thought to be infertile suggest that the majority may have fertility potential through experimental protocols. Fertility preservation may be more successful if pursued in […]

New Guidance Focuses on Best Injection Practices for Diabetes

A new set of recommendations from the United Kingdom aims to establish best practice for injecting insulin and other diabetes medications. The Forum for Injection Technique (FIT) was founded in 2009 by a group of diabetes specialist nurses and now has separate governing boards in the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, India, and South Africa, with […]

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